Cleansers I’m Loving for Dry Skin

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Cleansers were once the bane of my existence. So many would completely strip my skin, leaving it raw and deprived of any traces of natural oils I had. Then, my skin’s equilibrium ends up shifting to produce more oil, causing breakouts. Womp womp.

Skincare companies seem to finally be realizing that maybe a “squeaky clean” feeling isn’t really a good thing. Removing my makeup and cleansing is now one of my favorite parts of my routine. I have a lot of cleansers I’m loving for my dry skin.

First Cleanse

I abide by a two-cleanser system at night if I was wearing makeup that day. Not removing makeup is a sure-fire way for me to get pimples.

Cleansing Oils

I’m a slightly more recent convert to the wonderful world of oils. My first venture into cleansing oils was the Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil. It’s very lightweight and runny, but it comes with a pump so huge plus. This one is great if I’m wearing minimal makeup, or in combination with the Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder to gently exfoliate while I cleanse.

My most effective cleansing oil for removing makeup is the Ark Skincare Pro Remove Pre-cleanse*. This. Removes. Every. Bit. Of. Makeup. The only drawback, which is kind of a big drawback to me, is that it doesn’t have a pump.

I’ll often reach for Farmacy Clear Bloom, which is sooo convenient to keep on my sink. It’s a bit thicker and harder to remove (I need to use a washcloth), but it is quite effective at dissolving makeup.

Solid Cleansers

It wasn’t easy to track down, but I was so happy I found the Pixi Double Cleanse. The solid oil side is thick, but melts and spreads easily over skin, dissolving makeup easily. The cream cleanser side is a great follow-up, nourishing and softening my skin. While I’m trying to remove the cream, it does feel like there’s a bit of a residue, so it takes a couple of passes to full remove it.

Then we have Farmacy Green Clean*. This cleansing balm is insanely good at removing makeup, leaving my skin soft, clean, and hydrated. It also is completely non-irritating to my eye area.

Second Cleanse

I enjoy creamy or milky cleansers to balance and thoroughly cleanse my skin. My old favorite for this was the Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Facial Cleanser. I used to constantly repurchase this one, but I’ve been trying some new cleansers lately so I haven’t bought it in awhile. It was the first cleanser I ever used that actually felt good on my skin – no squeaky clean feeling, but clean nonetheless. This is a great one for super dry, irritated skin.

The Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser lives up to the hype. It has an odd, thick consistency, but feels so nice on my skin. It is ever so slightly drying for my skin, so as the weather transitions into spring, I’ll be reaching for this a bit more. See my first impressions of Glossier in this post, and you can save 10% off your first Glossier order through this link.

The Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Cleansing Milk* feels soothing to my skin while still giving me a clean feeling. It’s quite effective at removing makeup as well, so I can use it alone to remove makeup as well if I’m in a rush.

The Nudu Cream Cleanser* is such a pleasure to use. It is ultra creamy and nourishing, leaving my skin incredibly soft and smooth. I wish I had this a few months ago in the dead of winter.

Morning cleanse

I generally reach for a cleansing water in the morning. The main reason is that I’m a bit lazy to go to the sink, but also I find that my dry skin fares well with just a light cleanse in the AM. I do sometimes reach for one of the second cleansers I mentioned above, especially the Nudu Cream Cleanser* because it just feels so amazing.

Cleansing Waters

I can’t really go wrong with Bioderma. I can use the Sensibio, but I prefer the Hydrabio for my dry skin. One swipe of a cotton soaked with Bioderma removes the dirt/oil that showed up on my skin overnight.

A new favorite cleansing water is the Kenzo Ginger Cleansing Water*. This really isn’t any more or less effective than the Bioderma, but it smells amazing. Something about the scent of the ginger relaxes me, like I’m at a spa. It’s really a beautiful treat.

So, uh, I guess I’ve fallen for a few cleansers. I’ve always understood the importance of cleansing, but now it’s becoming one of my favorite steps. Something about taking off the day and/or removing dirt from my skin makes me feel better.

What cleansers are you loving?




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