Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer 001

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dior nude air luminizers

For Summer 2014, Dior released a gorgeous Diorskin Nude highlighter: Transat. It had the most interesting texture, like a mix between a powder and a gelee formula, and was so stunning on the skin. For this past Spring 2016, Dior followed up on this formula with slightly airier version in the Glowing Gardens collection: Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Pink and Glowing Nude. Of course, these three highlighters were limited edition. Now coming to Fall collections, Dior has released yet another of these Nude Air highlighters, just called 001.

Sorry for the little bit of history, but I hoped to provide a bit of context for this beautiful new highlighter. This highlighter is part of the permanent collection. Woohoo!

The following is the description from Nordstrom:

Highly concentrated with illuminating pigments in a universal shade, this powder by Dior can be adapted to any skin tone. When applied in gentle touches, the light-as-a-breeze formula highlights areas of your face so that it catches and reflects light. Your complexion is left radiantly luminous.

 dior nude air luminizer


As I previously mentioned, the formula is an interesting mix between a powder and a gelee formula. There is no kick-up when I dig into the product, but it picks up easily on my fingers and brushes.

The finish is stunning. I can build up the highlighter for some serious shine, but it never accentuates my imperfections. I still catch a hint of reflected light in the mirror at around 10 hours of wear, so this highlighter lasts a very good amount of time.


dior nude air luminizer 001 swatch

Diorskin Nude Highlighter Luminizer 001 Swatch

I’ve compared the new Luminizer 001 to the past releases. Transat is slightly lighter and more of a yellow-gold. Glowing Pink is lighter and more pink. Glowing Nude is most similar, it’s just a hair lighter and a tad less warm.

dior nude air luminizer swatches

Diorskin Nude Highlighter swatches, L-R: Luminizer 001 (Fall 2016), Transat (Summer 2014), Glowing Pink (Spring 2016), Glowing Nude (Spring 2016)

The Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer 001 is stunning. It’s very similar to Glowing Nude from Spring 2016, so if you missed that highlighter, this would be a great substitute, as the formula is the same. It’s pricy at $56, but the texture is a gorgeous balance between gelee and powder that translates beautifully on the skin.

→Available at Sephora, Nordstrom, etc.




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