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Notice anything different? I’ve been working for several months now on my blog template, trying to get it to look exactly the way I want. Unfortunately, I don’t know CSS at all. I spent countless hours looking up blog posts about how to make the changes I desired. An entire Saturday would come and go, and all I’d have to show for it would be a horizontal line – though I was quite proud of my horizontal line.

My new blog template is not a culmination of all of the hard work I put into learning code; in fact, it is quite the opposite (so anticlimactic!). Frustrated that I didn’t know how to make the little changes that would really make my blog look polished, I finally went to Etsy and purchased a template. I swallowed a great deal of pride doing this. I realized that I just want to have time to actually focus on writing my blog posts and improving my photography, not hitting my head against a wall trying to make a sticky navigation bar (I did eventually figure that one out!) or make my site mobile responsive (what does this even mean?!).

So here we are! After browsing for quite awhile, I purchased the “Chloe” theme from a shop called LucaLogos. I liked the aesthetics, reviews were good, and there seemed to be a lot of customizable options. The template came with incredibly useful installation instructions, but there seemed to be a slight glitch with the post summaries on the main page. The shop owner responded within 24 hours and reconfigured my template in a prompt manner, and has answered all of my other questions. At some point in the future, I’d love to dish out the money for a truly custom blog template, but it’s not in my budget for now.

In other news, I’ve been really trying to settle into my photography style. As days have become shorter, my old method of plopping a product in the direct sunlight (and before that, horrible artificial light) for a photo hasn’t quite worked. Furthermore, I’ve realized that my editing needs to have its own style for cohesive photos. I’ve been getting even more serious about blogging and photography as of late, so I’ve done a lot of experimenting and research into developing these skills. I’m still learning of course, and I haven’t totally figured out exactly: a) how I want my photos to look, and b) how to make my vision a reality. This is all such a journey, and I hope to evolve my blog into something I’m proud of that represents me as a person.

With a new style in mind, I have been redoing my old blog posts whenever time permits. By “redoing” my old posts, I mean fixing broken links, adding more helpful content, and, of course, resnapping photos that weren’t up to par (which is like 95% of my blog). If you’d like to have a laugh, here is a good representation of the huge changes I’ve made in my photography:

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Diorosphere. Left: original shot for blog, taken March 2016 (with insanely huge watermark!); Right: updated shot, taken November 2016 (Instagram edit)

I hope you don’t mind this different sort of post, but I enjoy reading blog posts about blogging. This is really a terrific hobby that I find fun, challenging, and engaging. I am incredibly thankful to have met some great individuals while blogging who have not only been friends, but have served as inspiration for me to improve my blog.


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