My Transfer from Blogger to WordPress

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Fairly recently, I upgraded my blog template from my pitiful CSS attempts to a purchased template from Etsy. I was happy with how my blog looked and received very responsive customer service from the shop owner of LucaLogos for any issues I had. However, I was starting to read more and more about how self-hosting and might be the way to go.

I did quite a bit of research about what it would mean to move, from needing a migration service to looking at self-hosting options to understanding all of what WordPress could do for me. I was entirely convinced, so I took the plunge to move from Blogger to WordPress. Spoiler alert: I’m ridiculously happy with the move.

I was browsing for migration services when I stumbled across pipdig. I have noticed a lot of bloggers use templates from pipdig, so I actually tried to stay away to be completely honest. I read about his service, and it was everything I was hoping for. The price was right for my budget: $95 (on special), which would include one of his templates on top of the service.

I was also impressed that he could promise my Disqus comments would be transferred and my site would remain online during the transfer, plus his site has a huge help center with FAQ and lots of instructions. I was ready!


First, I needed to purchase a package from SiteGround for self-hosting, per pipdig’s request. A few posts I read made it seem like SiteGround is a great choice for self-hosting, though it’s still too early for me to notice if there are any issues.♦ I paid for one year, all up front. I think the package was about $8/month, which didn’t seem too painful to me.

♦Update: I really, really love SiteGround and definitely recommend them for self-hosting! My site has been completely safe and loads so quickly. I have still had absolutely no issues that would require me to contact customer service, but I love that they have a chat support for if the day comes where I even need to reach out.

Pipdig Service

I placed my order from pipdig on a Saturday and received an email asking for my login info and template choice (I went with Equinox, per Phil’s recommendation) on Sunday. On Tuesday, I received word that the migration was underway and would be ready on Wednesday. Sure enough, the next day it was done. As promised, my site was completely intact the entire time.

I was still at work when I got word that my site was ready. I was so worried that my new site was up before I was available to fiddle with it. Turns out, he really did everything. Nothing looked weird or out of place. Everything moved flawlessly (though if you see anything that looks wonky, please let me know!).


Now I am just getting used to working with WordPress. I can already say I think it’s superior to Blogger. Phil installed the Yoast SEO plugin, which I had heard was key for bloggers. Of course, I too think it’s genius. There’s a lot more for me to learn about using WordPress, but it clearly gives users way more options and is totally user-friendly, in my opinion.

I’m super excited about this new change for my blog. I am just so glad I made the switch.

I completely recommend pipdig’s service if you’re thinking about moving. Phil has been very responsive, though I really haven’t had questions because he’s already addressed any concerns. It’s so impressive to me that he has set up such a smooth system and packed his site full of resources for the (clueless) blogger. I feel even more motivated and inspired for my blog now, which is a great feeling!

→Let me know if you’re interested in seeing posts about blogging, or more info about WordPress vs. Blogger!

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