Glossier: First Impressions

glossier first impressions review

There’s a lot of hype behind Glossier, a younger beauty brand stemming from Into the Gloss, an online beauty resource founded by Emily Weiss. What makes Glossier unique is that the brand is run by beauty editors who have tried a lot of products and they rely on feedback from real Glossier users.

From what I can tell, their rep program is both extensive and impressive. Bloggers and/or other Glossier fans with some sort of social media following have links where their followers can shop Glossier and save 20% on their first order; the blogger in turn gets a commission. It’s basically an affiliate program, but there’s a little more personality to it, which is why I think it’s so successful. The rep also creates a video to introduce themselves, and has a profile page with favorite Glossier products and why. Reps are real people with real understanding of the products and what peers may be interested in.

I really wasn’t sure about Glossier for a long time. Could it really be that good? Through blogging, I’ve made some friends who are Glossier fans and reps, so I’ve grown a lot more interest in the brand. When my friend Nida from Caked to the Nines became a rep, I decided I’d place my first Glossier order through her link.

So after all of that extraneous background, I’m ready to tell you how I feel about my first order from Glossier.


I ordered a total of 5 things, well over the free shipping minimum of $30, and I’ll tell you about my picks below. I placed the order on Monday. It shipped on Tuesday, then arrived on Wednesday. Major props, but it appears it shipped from Massachusetts (near where I live), so I’m not sure if shipping will always be so speedy.

The items came in cute pink bubble wrap bags, so everything was pretty secure. In addition to my 5 items, there were stickers and a sample of the Priming Moisturizer Cream (have not yet tried this).

Boy Brow

Glossier first went on my radar a couple of years ago when I saw people talking about Boy Brow. There seemed to be universal agreement that it’s holy grail status. I was a little skeptical though, because I was feeling I found my holy grail recently with the Benefit Gimme Brow.

I chose the Brown shade, as I thought Black might be too dark. This brow gel has an awesome small wand for precise control, kind of similar to Gimme Brow, except not as tapered at the end. I can “feel” it on my brows a bit more than Gimme Brow, but it also keeps my brows in place better. I think the Boy Brow wand also disperses a better amount of product and gives that beautiful feathery effect. Brown is just slightly too light/warm for me (still works), so I’d really love to see more colors in the range. Overall, it’s great buy (cheaper than Benefit’s brow gel) and I really like it!glossier first impressions review boy brow

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Cleansers are having a moment with me. I’m extra into them and I’ve found so many I love lately. Still, I had to try another…

The consistency of this guy is so interesting – I think milky-jelly sort of describes it perfectly. It’s very easy to spread, even though it’s on the thick side, and feels really nice on my skin. A lot of cleansers strip my dry skin, but this doesn’t. It’s also quite good at removing makeup (I haven’t tried with waterproof). I’m thinking to do a post about cleansers coming up, so I’ll hopefully have more thoughts then, but so far it’s a solid like.


You didn’t think I was going to pass up a highlighting product, did you?

I chose Moonstone because it looked like the pearly white highlighter I needed (okay, wanted). The first time I used this, I was kind of meh on it. I had picked up some of the product on my fingers to try to dab on my face. There was a bit of glow, but it was barely noticeable. The next day, I said eff it and plopped the stick directly on my cheekbones. That’s when the chorus of angels started singing. It’s that extra radiant but somehow natural glow. I’ll be reaching for this a ton.glossier first impressions review haloscope

Balm Dotcom

I’ve been on the hunt for a new lip balm because pretty much the only one I can use is the Tatcha Gold Camellia Lip Balm, which is soooo expensive. My lips seem to be incredibly sensitive though, so most lip balms do not agree with me.

Very first impressions of Balm Dotcom: love. It’s super thick, so a little goes a long way. But it protected my lips allll day. They felt so soft and amazing. I used it again at night before bed. I woke with still hydrated, soft lips. BUT. I noticed some bumps around my lips. I’m honestly so upset. It very much seems like this lip balm gave me a reaction. I was ready to declare this my holy grail. Maybe it wasn’t this balm, so I’ll be doing some tests to be sure of the culprit.glossier first impressions review balm dotcom

Stretch Concealer

This was a last minute addition and I was kind of mad at myself for ordering it. I have a ton of concealers already. But I saw the word “dewy” thrown around to describe it and I had to try. *hangs head in shame*

I chose the lightest shade, Light, and I think it’s a reasonable match (a tad warm/dark, see swatch below). I’ve tried this both under my eyes and on the stubborn pimple on my right cheek. It really is dewy. I do like it under my eyes when I set it, which lessens the dewiness to a manageable amount plus stops it from creasing (which it will do on me sans setting). On my blemish, I really like it. The coverage is buildable, and it’s pretty easy to blend with my fingers. This is the kind of concealer I’d reach for when I am in a rush and just want a little coverage of some spots. If I’m doing a full face, this probably wouldn’t be my go to.glossier first impressions review

Glossier swatches L-R: Haloscope in Moonstone, Boy Brow in Brown, Stretch Concealer in Light

Altogether, I’m very impressed. The price point of these items is great and they don’t disappoint. I’m absolutely interested in purchasing more Glossier!

You can save 10% off your first Glossier order with this link (I’ll get store credit to buy more Glossier!).

→What are your thoughts on Glossier?

glossier first impressions review