How to Survive a No-Buy as a Blogger

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How to Survive a No-Buy as a BloggerI’ve been on a no-buy for pretty much all of 2017. I was never successful in no-buys I tried to do in the past, but I have really been forced to behave, as my no-buy isn’t so much by choice. This time around, I did slip up a time or two, but most of my purchases were with gift cards I received or extra money obtained through tutoring (allowed so I don’t go completely crazy).

I was a bit surprised that this no-buy is actually getting easier as I go along, so I thought I’d share how I’ve changed my outlook as I’ve been going through such a dramatic reduction in beauty spending. Not only do I find myself able survive a no-buy, I would like to think I’m actually thriving.

Get creative

As a blogger, I feel like I need to buy new things to review or talk about. There have been so many days where I’ve felt so uninspired to take photos or write because I only had “the same old” products.

I had to start thinking differently about what I wanted my blog to be all about. If you look at my older blog posts, they’re all individual product reviews. Now, I’ve started moving into posts that feature multiple products within a common theme. I personally find these posts so fun to read because I love to see how others pair products, or how they tie them into a routine.

Forget limited edition

Ahh. This is what would almost always suck me in. With permanent items, it’s easy to say, “Okay, I’ll just buy it later.” But with limited edition, you need to act NOW! On all of my past no-buys, I broke to buy limited edition items.

I’m starting to realize that it may not be so beneficial to pick up so many limited items. It’s nice to get a review up of the item to help others decide if they need the product as well, but talking about a limited edition product once it’s unavailable may be frustrating to readers. In other words, the investment in a limited edition product may not pan out in terms of blog content in the long run.

Of course, there may be limited edition items that seem like they are totally worth having. It’s hard to let some of those gems go while no-buying, especially when everyone seems to be hyping them up or showing how beautiful they look on Instagram. The hype will die down. It always does.

Pause and research

I don’t know what it is about beauty products that I’m such an impulse shopper. For anything else, I research for weeks before I make a move.

Buying something is so appealing, and almost urgent, when there is a constant flood of beauty products on my Instagram feed. So many products are photogenic or cute – but do they perform?

I so wanted the new Too Faced highlighters because they’re in the most adorable heart-shaped packaging. However, I’m now hearing mostly negative reviews from purchasers that they swatch better than they show up on cheekbones. Jenn from a few months ago would’ve purchased right away. Jenn now saved her money on what would probably just have become expensive photo props.How to Survive a No-Buy as a Blogger

Look at what you have

“They’re not the same, they’re similar.”

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve said this to justify grabbing another pinky-nude lipstick.

I’ve been trying to organize my collection a bit more, which entails taking everything out and looking at it. Doing this, I could really see just how many pinky-nude lipsticks I have. Let’s just say I lost count, and lost my desire to purchase another lip product. Perhaps a round-up of my favorite nudes is in order?

In my organization process, I noticed products I didn’t even recognize. I picked them up to realize that they were at one time faves of mine. It was like I had new products again! Also, it makes for a good blog post idea; I already talked about the first round of these Forgotten Favorites, and will do a follow-up soon.

Project pan

I’m working on a year-long project to finish (or hit pan on) 17 items (intro vid here; 1st update vid here). I have gained so much perspective doing this challenge.

Even using certain items daily, it takes forever to really see progress. Seeing how long it takes to even make a dent in a blush makes me not want to be such a hoarder. Again, this is a great project to chronicle on the blog for not only content, but accountability.

The no-buy continues. I’ve honestly been amazed by how much money I’ve saved by no longer buying beauty products on a weekly basis. Even when this no-buy is no longer necessary, I hope to at least reduce my spending (as compared to before) now that I’ve gained a bit of perspective on my previous habits.

What are your tips for controlling your spending? ↓

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