Transitioning to Warmer Weather

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Seeing everyone’s beautiful pics of sunshine and blossoms makes me eager for spring to arrive in Boston. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so I’m starting to mentally and physically prep myself for more sunshine. I don’t have any major vacation plans again, but we do have some nice beaches nearby that I’d really love to get ready to see.

A close shave

I’m ready to put away my sweatpants and down coat to bust out my dresses. My legs haven’t seen daylight in over half a year though – they’re insanely pale and, umm, hairy. Not cute. I’m now starting to shave more frequently with help from Harry’s.

Umm, Jenn, do you know you’ve been using a razor for men? Yes. Yes, I do.

I have the Winston set*, and though the color scheme/shave gel scent is obviously geared toward men, there’s really no reason a woman can’t use it. In fact, I much prefer this over the Venus razors I had been using. There are 5 blades and they’re seriously high quality. I was a bit worried they’d poop out halfway through shaving my legs, thinking about the surface area men shave vs. women. Nope. The blades were just as good at the end of my shave as they were at the beginning. The Foaming Shave Gel has a delicious man smell that makes the experience sensual, in a way. I also really enjoy the substantial handle, which just feels a little more luxurious.

Sun protection

Of course, sunscreen is an all-year staple. Summer sun is coming soon though, and I have to be even more aware of putting sunscreen everywhere. I like to have a good idea of what my go-to products will be before the sun is even more intense. Can’t risk my freshly-shaved, but still insanely pale legs!

For my face, I generally reach for Farmacy Green Screen SPF30*. It’s a non-greasy, actually hydrating, physical SPF. Reapplication of sunscreen is one of the more forgotten aspects of sun protection though. When I’m wearing makeup, this is kind of challenging. Last year, I discovered the Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist. It can be sprayed to add sun protection (SPF50) without disturbing makeup. Perfect for quick, on-the-go reapplication. New this year, I’m really enjoying the Supergoop Invincible Setting Powder*. With SPF45, this powder is awesome for reapplying sun protection while mattifying skin – great for when I’m getting a little sweaty.

Last year, I fell in love with the Vita Liberata Dry Oil SPF50. Sunscreen can leave a white cast and feel so drying, but this oil hydrates and makes my skin glow. Right now I’m trying out the Supergoop Sunscreen Mousse SPF50*. This mousse makes sunscreen application sooo easy. It’s light and airy, absorbs well, and leaves no residue/white cast behind.

Beach body (…or close enough)

I think I should have started prepping my beach body awhile ago, or maybe consciously tried to be healthy all year…but once April hits, I suddenly have motivation to exercise and desire to eat less carbo-liciously. I just roll with it and work with what I’ve got.

My treadmill and I have become friends (okay, acquaintances) again. I’m unfortunately not 5k ready anymore, but I know better than to push it too hard when I’m just starting out again. Walking up an incline is a less harsh way to get my heart rate up and work those glutes. I generally go for about 20 minutes at incline 8-12, with a 5 minute warm-up/cool-down each at incline 3. Once the weather is nicer, I can take these hikes outside.

As I work on increasing the veggies in my diet and eating healthier (that deep fryer was not a good idea), I need a little help. I actually have a lot of food sensitivities that I’m still trying to work out and I can easily have digestive problems. I love to use the Daily Cleanse* from Hum Nutrition to help rid my body of toxins that upset my stomach and give me skin issues. I’ve actually been using this supplement off and on for years, just whenever I need it, since I feel the results so quickly.

To magnify the results of the Daily Cleanse supplement, I like to drink kombucha tea daily. Luke brews this at home for us now because it calms my upset stomach so well. I’ve never really been a big fan of the taste of kombucha though, so I make my own “cocktail” so that I can enjoy my kombucha even more:

1 cup kombucha

1/3 cup lemonade

1/4 cup Tazo Iced Passion Tea

I absolutely love warm weather and I thrive off the sunshine. I have to make sure I’m fully prepared for seeing sunshine again after my winter hibernation though. This anticipation makes me feel so energized and motivated to take care of myself, so I feel good on the inside and look better on the outside.

Outfit details

Dress – 8000 Nerves

The 8000 Nerves site seems to have not been updated since 2015, though this dress is still listed. I purchased this dress in 2014 from a local shop. I found a couple of cute mint green dresses that look comfy and casual for spring, shown below.

Wedges – Seychelles

These wedges are discontinued, but there are many similar styles available, shown below.






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