Which Kenra Hairspray is Right for You?

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Kenra Professional Review
When it comes to my hair, I have low patience. I look for easy-to-use products that I can count on. One of the most reliable brands I’ve encountered is Kenra.

Kenra has three tiers to their line: Kenra, Kenra Platinum, and Kenra Color. Purely a professional brand, Kenra looks to ease the efforts of stylists – which means their products are going to give results with no fuss.

I have several Kenra products in my collection (some of which were gifted). I love that each Kenra hairspray has a number, which corresponds to its level of hold. The higher the number, the stronger the hold. Still, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which product is right for you with a range as big as theirs!Kenra Professional Review - Finishing Spray and HiDef Matte Hairspray

Are you using heat?

If yes, then a heat protectant spray is a must to prevent damage, even if you only occasionally use hot tools. Look for words like “heat protection” or “thermal spray.”

I love the Fast-Dry Hairspray 8 for weightless heat protection before I use my flat iron. I spray briefly on my dry hair just before passing through. It gives my hair a super sleek look and keeps frizz at bay.

If I’m curling my hair, the Platinum Hot Spray 20 is my jam. My flat hair has a lot of trouble holding a curl, but this spray really helps ease the process and give my hair life. It has a shiny finish, so my hair looks incredibly healthy. My only complaint is that the spray nozzle has now broken on mine, which makes it difficult to disperse the product evenly on dry hair. I just switched the product to a different spray bottle, and I’m back in business.

The Platinum Blow-Dry Spray is next on my list to purchase to protect my hair during the blow-out process. It has great reviews and claims to decrease blow-dry time, as well as reduce frizz and detangle hair.

Kenra Professional Review - Hot Spray, HiDef Hairspray, and Volume Spray

Medium hold

I reach for a medium hold hairspray on a daily basis to give my hair a bit of style without stiffness. The Perfect Medium Spray 13* really is perfect for that. It has a high shine finish, but hair is touchable. I apply and brush my hair to smooth it out, reducing flyaways for a polished look.

Alternatively, the Platinum HiDef Hairspray 16* has a matte finish. This is perfect for a grungy, beachy look. It’s easy to spray it and create a little bit more texture to my hair. I was surprised that I’ve been reaching for this one a ton as we head into summer. I wouldn’t say hair is quite as brushable and airy as the Perfect Medium Spray, but it’s not stiff or crunchy.

Kenra Professional Review - Hold Index

Volume and hold

It really doesn’t get much better than Volume Spray 25*. This hairspray truly lives up to its hype. I love to spray this one into my roots for lift that stays. I used this spray before going to a baseball game when it was nearly 90 degress F (and humid) outside, and my hair was on point the whole time. This hairspray really stepped up to the plate (pun intended) to secure a spot in my lineup. The Volume Spray is a real stand-out to me, and I recommend this bestseller first.

Kenra Professional Review - Fast-Dry Hairspray and Volume Spray

Highest hold

For those looks you really want to lock down, look to Platinum Finishing Spray 26* or Ultra Freeze Spray 30*.

The Platinum Finishing Spray doesn’t have quite as much hold as the Ultra Freeze Spray, but has a little bit more of a natural finish and texture. I use this to lock down flyaways, or keep my hair in place after curling. My curls will loosen a bit, but I can get that effortlessly wavy look easily.

The Ultra Freeze Spray has serious hold. If I want to lose 0% of my curl, I turn to this guy. This is wedding day material – if you haven’t found who to marry, at least you know what hairspray you’ll use.

Kenra Professional Review - HiDef Matte Hairspray and Ultra Freeze Spray

I absolutely love Kenra’s line of hairsprays. They smell soooo good and deliver results. These products are all available at Ulta, which makes it super simple to track them down.

It seems a bit overwhelming at first to figure out what to do with all of these, but they each have a specific task. Their numbering system makes it super simple to figure out the level of hold.

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