Two Minutes to Smooth Skin with Pixi Peel & Polish

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Pixi Peel & Polish Review

You know those days when your skin just needs a little boost? For me, my skin looks dull and textured whenever I’m stressed. It’s in those times I need skincare the most, but it can be difficult to find time (or motivation) to use a 30 minute mask and/or plenty of steps. Then we have the Pixi Peel & Polish*, a two minute treatment to smooth and brighten skin in a flash.

More than an enzyme peel

As the name suggests, this product is sort of two-in-one: a peel and a skin polish. Fruit enzymes (papaya, orange, etc) help with skin tone and texture and one of my favorite AHA’s, lactic acid (6%), gently exfoliates. Meanwhile, sugar extracts polish skin to remove dead skin cells. Altogether, this peel smooths and brightens skin with these gentle but effective exfoliators.Pixi Peel & Polish Review

First impressions fail

If you follow me on Instagram and/or watch my stories, you may have seen my first impressions of this peel. I wasn’t really a fan at first. But let me explain.

I decided to try in the AM. I cleansed my skin as normal (using Glossier Milky Jelly; save 10% on your first order). Then I applied the peel. It has a squeeze tube, so it’s pretty easy to use. While applying, I noted that I need to be careful not to rub it in – the exfoliating particles felt a tad rough on my skin.

While the peel was on, I noticed no sensitivity though. I left the peel on for about 3 or 4 minutes instead of 2, mainly because I am super slow at Instagram stories. And I call myself a millennial. Psshh. 

Again, I was careful not to really rub the beads into my skin as I washed it away. Just the act of rinsing was enough to feel like physical exfoliation. My skin looked very bright and clear after removal; it felt smooth as well, but a bit dry. I decided to use my Tatcha Deep Hydration Firming Serum, which typically feels very hydrating to my skin. Unfortunately, the serum just sunk right in and my skin still felt dry. At that point, I announced on my story that I wasn’t a fan of this product and I couldn’t see myself using it again.

I applied my moisturizer (Purlisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer*, love this) and suddenly my skin felt (and looked) amazing. Makeup application was incredibly easy, because my skin was the perfect, smooth canvas to work with.Pixi Peel & Polish Review

Continued use

I have used this peel 2 more times since my first impressions. Clearly, it was a mistake to leave it on the first time for more than the recommended two minutes. My skin was much more sensitive when I left it on longer.

My skin is still a tad dry after I remove it though, but somehow my skin swings the other way once I apply (any) moisturizer. Suddenly I have soft, bright, balanced skin. This phenomenon is what I’ve noticed with Farmacy Honey Potion*. I reviewed this mask last year, and it remains a holy grail for me. Honey Potion is anything but hydrating when I first remove it, but somehow it helps my skin drink up moisturizer perfectly. This Pixi peel may be giving Honey Potion a run for its money!

Not only does the Pixi Peel & Polish smooth my skin, I’ve noticed that my skin is brighter for 2-3 days after use. Plus, my skin is much more cooperative with makeup – usually the texture on my cheeks/nose causes uneven application.

I’m so excited to have this affordable peel to perfect my skin, especially in such a short amount of time. I’ll be keeping this in my routine, but probably no more than once a week. My skin is still slightly sensitive to the exfoliating beads, so I recommend taking note if you have sensitive skin like I do.

Have you tried Pixi skincare? What are your favorite products? ↓Two Minutes to Smooth Skin with Pixi Peel & Polish










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