6 Summer Skin Saviors

I refer to my skin as “dry”, but as of late, that’s not entirely accurate. This summer, my skin was noticeably oily in my t-zone (gasp!). Powder became my best friend. Still, my skin is dehydrated, and I’ve had to find products that would moisturize my skin without being too much.

Today I’m sharing 6 skincare products that have been kind to my skin this summer.

I’ve been using two exfoliation superstars a lot: Skinesque Enzyme Washing Powder* and Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Lotion*. The Skinesque powder is (you guessed it) a powder exfoliator – something like the Tatcha Enzyme Rice Powders, but more gentle, in my opinion. It activates with water to create a paste that gently exfoliates my skin, leaving it soft and smooth. I like to add it to my Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser to multi-task my cleanse + exfoliation. This will be a long-time staple of mine! The Paula’s Choice AHA has 8% glycolic acid and antioxidants with the feel of a hydrating lotion. This has really helped with my skin texture!

After cleansing, I’ve been loving the Purpletale Setting the Scene Treatment Essence*. I don’t have a ton of experience with essences, but they’ve all been positive. Purpletale’s essence is a tad less watery than other essences I’ve used (namely SK-II), so I find it easier to use. It makes my skin so hydrated and glowy without feeling like anything is on my skin. This essence is packed with peptides to pump collagen, niacinamide to reduce acne, and ginseng to nourish. I really love everything about this!

I debated a long time before purchasing Kypris Antioxidant Dew, but I’m sooo glad I ended up purchasing it. Okay, so the beautiful blue packaging is what sucked me in, but the product inside is totally solid. This is a lightweight serum that hydrates and soothes skin. Seems like a simple concept, but Kypris nailed it. My skin is quite sensitive, and Antioxidant Dew calms it. I don’t really like to go a day without using this, either morning or night.

With my weird dehydrated/combination skin, finding a moisturizer that will deeply hydrate without making me greasy has been a task. The Volition Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel* ticks all the boxes. It has a lightweight gel texture that absorbs quickly without leaving a residue. Sometimes moisturizers that absorb quickly end up dehydrating my skin further, but not this one. I love it AM/PM right now, but I know it won’t work for nighttime once it’s colder.

Finally, I found a body moisturizer for my lazy butt. The Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer* is amazing. I apply it once I step out of the shower, and it works into my skin so easily. My skin is soft and hydrated all day. Luke has been using this and loving it too!

What skincare products have you been loving this summer? ↓