Birthday Round-Up: My Favorite Posts

As an adult, it feels weird to announce that it’s my birthday. For one thing, I’m 28 today and that feels kind of old. Like way older than 27. I’m practically 30.

For my birthday post, all month I had been planning to write fun facts about myself. I couldn’t really think of anything exciting about me though. Womp womp.

Instead, I’ve decided to share a round-up of my favorite blog posts that I’ve done here. Within the past 2+ years of this blog, my photography and overall style has changed a ton, and frequently. I’m finally in a spot where I’m pretty happy with my photography and editing though. Still, I can look back and be (semi) proud of what I’ve done in the past.

A few of my favorite posts

One of my most popular posts is my review and swatches of the MAC Metallic Lipsticks. This post is also very special to me because the lipsticks were my first PR gift from MAC. It still boggles my mind that I have been able to work with one of my favorite brands.

Though I consider myself a beauty blogger, I’ve recently tried to start expanding into some lifestyle-ish posts. I think one of my most honest posts was about my tips for what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything. I usually plan posts ahead of time, but I wrote that post in its entirety on a day when I was not doing so great mentally. I look back on this post to remember that I *can* get out of a bad mood and life isn’t over.

I also delved into some blogging tips this year. I feel torn writing posts with blogging tips since I am neither hugely successful, nor any sort of expert. I wrote about balancing a blog and a busy schedule, which I think was quite helpful to others who also struggle with blog/life balance.

For skincare, I like my post about cleansers for dry skin. For years, I was drying out my skin with abrasive cleansers. When I finally found cleansers that worked for my skin type, I started to love my skin.

I absolutely love cream eyeshadows – they’re perfect for my frequent lazy makeup days when I want to swipe and go. My cream shadow post includes reviews of my favorites plus swatches.

Finally, I really enjoy posts about hyped products. I reviewed the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen, both of which are huge favorites of mine and worth every penny.

I like that my birthday is in mid-September, because once my birthday passes, it’s time for my favorite season, fall. It’s like a new beginning.


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