Dior Nude Air Luminizers: Glow Addict for Spring 2018

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Dior Nude Air Luminizers Spring 2018 Glow Addict ReviewOne of my favorite highlighter formulas is the Dior Nude Air Luminizer. I know that it seems like a luxury highlighter wouldn’t be worth the money, considering every single brand from every price range has a highlighter. The Nude Air Luminizers stand out because the formula is perfection – seriously. They are powders, but not powdery. They meld easily with skin to create a spotlight that looks real, but is still prominent (if you want).

So, yes, of course I had to scoop up both shades from the Spring 2018 Glow Addict collection!


One thing you’re paying for with a luxury product is packaging. That may not be be important for some people, but for me, it adds to the experience.

The packaging is standard for the Dior Nude Air compacts: round with a silver mirrored outside. The compacts are hefty and feel expensive. Also, each comes with a velvet pouch and little kabuki brush, though I don’t typically use either (just hoard them).

The embossing on the spring collection highlighters is beautiful, inspired by the “delicate tulle of a couture dress.” So Dior.Dior Nude Air Luminizers Spring 2018 Glow Addict Review

Shades + Swatches

There are two shades in the Glow Addict collection, each with “holographic pearlescent pigments”:

Holo Pink (001) – cool-toned pink with reflects of silver and gold

Holo Gold (002) – medium gold with pink shift

Capturing the dimension of these two highlighters was quite challenging!Dior Nude Air Luminizers Spring 2018 Glow Addict Review, Swatches

Both actually look pretty similar on my cheekbones, but Holo Pink is more cool-toned (and a better fit for me personally).


I was worried that Holo Pink and Holo Gold would be similar to Glowing Pink and Glowing Nude from the Glowing Gardens collection (Spring 2016). Below are comparison swatches of the new highlighters to the other Nude Air Luminizers I have in my collection.Dior Nude Air Luminizers Spring 2018 Glow Addict Review, Comparison Swatches

These highlighters are quite different from the other Dior Nude Air Luminizers I have. Holo Pink is slightly similar to Glowing Pink; Holo Pink is just a little more reflective and more present on skin. Holo Gold is more of a rose gold shade, so it has more pinky tones than Glowing Nude, Transat, or Nude Glow.


I mentioned the typical formula of the Nude Air Luminizers in the introduction, but the formula of these holographic highlighters is actually a little different. There was a bit of powder kick-up with Holo Gold, which I have never noticed with any of my previous luminizers.Dior Nude Air Luminizers Spring 2018 Glow Addict Review - Holo Pink

They are still pigmented and light-reflective, but the holographic pigments that add extra dimension also add a bit of a glittery look on my skin. I’m a tad disappointed by the chunkier glitter, but they still look pretty on skin. These are just a bit more obvious than the other luminizers.

Splurge or Skip?

I cannot resist adding more of the Dior Nude Air Luminizers to my collection, especially with the gorgeous limited edition embossing. #dioraddictDior Nude Air Luminizers Spring 2018 Glow Addict Review - Holo Gold

The formula of the Spring luminizers isn’t quite the same as the previous iterations. It’s not quite as seamless and effortless. These are still complex and beautiful highlighters – they just have a little more presence on skin.

I would recommend picking up one of the Nude Air Luminizers from the permanent line over either of these if you’re looking to splurge on a high-end highlighter. Of the two in the spring collection, I prefer Holo Pink. It’s still a beautiful highlighter, though not as perfect to me as the other luminizers.

Have you tried any of Dior’s Nude Air Luminizers? ↓


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