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Glossier Cloud Paints ReviewGlossier keeps a strong social media presence through reps to bring their brand to your attention. This can produce huge hype for their products (and subsequent letdown) or annoy the sh*t out of people. It doesn’t help when you have random Glossier reps sending you DM’s on Instagram asking you to use their link to shop. This kind of thing is what gives Glossier reps a bad . . . you know, rep.

From personal experience with many reps, they’re not all annoying like this. In fact, many are my friends and I love to support them. Post the newest launch from Glossier and get your money, girl!

Between intense hype and die-hard Glossier fans, I try to keep myself as neutral as possible when reviewing their products. So today, after finally getting my hands on all 4 Cloud Paints, I am ready to give you my complete thoughts.Glossier Cloud Paints Review

What’s a “Cloud Paint”?

The Cloud Paint is a cream blush, reminiscent of finger paints. The tubes actually look like paint tubes, which is admittedly adorable.

The formula is supposed to be an easy-to-use gel-cream that you can just apply with fingertips. Glossier is all about a lazy minimal routine. They claim the blushes are “seamless, sheer, and buildable” for a natural-looking, healthy flush to cheeks.

Shades + Swatches

There are 4 shades: Beam, Dusk, Haze, and Puff. I couldn’t find official shade descriptions on the site, but the color range is inspired by a sunset in NYC, so I think that says it all.

Beam – orange; works surprisingly well on my cool skin, as long as I don’t build it up too much

Dusk – nude; beautiful and natural blush, but I actually use it as a bronzer the most

Haze – berry; a tad dark on me, so it looks less subtle – like I’m more made up

Puff – baby pink; gives an angelic flush

I started my collection with Dusk and Puff, as seen in this Glossier haul post.

Swatches on my arm in direct sunlight:

Glossier Cloud Paints Review, Swatches

Glossier Cloud Paints Swatches L-R: Beam, Dusk, Haze, Puff

Application and Wear

The Glossier Cloud Paints are not quite as effortless and easy to use as a typical powder blush for me. I usually dot a bit of the paint on the back of my hand (actually, waaaay more than I need because the product comes out of the tube too easily) and use my fingers to lightly tap product on my cheeks. I tap several times to blend the product, and then go back for more product to build it up if necessary.

I’ve noticed that using too much product at once can result in poor blending and patchiness for me when my skin is not properly hydrated. During the winter, my cheeks are quite dry, so spraying a mist before application helps a lot. In the summer, my skin is much more normal and I have no issues spreading the product evenly.

Once I get the blush on my cheeks, I love the look. There’s no shimmer, but since they’re creams, they don’t look flat. These really do look like a healthy, natural flush – never dry.Glossier Cloud Paints Review

Wear time isn’t really impressive. I often notice a bit of fading (and, in some cases, patchiness – again, dry skin problem) by about 3-4 hours.

I get strong wear time if I pair a Cloud Paint with a powder blush; the cream and powder work together for better longevity than either alone. I’m often too lazy to go that extra mile, but it’s nice to know it’s an option.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoy how the Cloud Paints look on! I wish they last a liiiittle longer on me, but they look beautiful and totally nail the easy, effortless Glossier vibe.

A little bit goes a long way, but I often end up wasting extra product with each use due to the packaging. It’s easy to mix up a custom shade when you have more than one; I like to mix Puff with Haze to tone down the deepness of Haze. Beam and Dusk wear the best on me, generally a bit longer (up to 6 hours before fading) with no patchiness.Glossier Cloud Paints Review

The price ($18/10 mL) is pretty good for a cream product of this type (plus extra savings when you buy a duo or all 4). I’d compare these to the Becca Beach Tints, which retail for $25 for only 7 mL. I actually like the Becca ones better though because they’re more long-wearing and the tube has a thin end to reduce product waste, but they’re very expensive.

It took me a long time to figure out how to best use these cream blushes, but now that I have, I’m pretty much hooked.

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