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ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review, SwatchesColourPop, an online cosmetics company with drugstore prices, just dropped their newest line: Lux Lipsticks. I’m always amazed by the quality of their products, especially considering the price. Tell me it’s “lux” for $7, and I have to test for myself.

I purchased 6 of the new lipsticks when they dropped on January 31st, and they arrived 6 days later. I’ve been testing these lipsticks for the past few days and wanted to share my thoughts and swatches. I have worn all of the shades and I have a pretty good idea of my feelings about these, but I’ll update if anything changes.ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review

Lux Lipsticks

What it is: LUX it up. Enriched with our LUX Blend of butters, this creamy-matte, long wearing lipstick glides on the skin for intense pigmentation in shades made for every skin tone.

These lipsticks are supposed to be pigmented, buttery, and long-wearing, like a high-end matte. They retail for $7 for 0.12 oz. To compare, MAC lipsticks are $17.50 for 0.1 oz, Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are $17 for 0.11 oz, and Kat Von D’s Studded Kiss Crèmes are $19 for 0.12 oz.

Can we take a second for the packaging though? The outer rose gold, starry packaging is hefty, and the bullet itself has stars on it. So cute.ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review

Shades + Swatches

I picked up 6 shades and, I know you’re shocked, but they’re not all nudes/neutrals!

Appy – warm pinky beige

LA Lady – rosy terracotta

Lay Over – medium rosy beige

Liquid Courage – brick red

Pinkies Up – dusty mid-tone mauve

Still Crazy – mauve pink

ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks ReviewSwatches:ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review, Swatches; Appy, LA Lady, Lay Over, Liquid Courage, Pinkies Up, Still Crazy

I don’t agree with the listed shade descriptions for Pinkies Up and Still Crazy. Pinkies Up is much more of a grey-beige than a mauve. Still Crazy is closer to its description, but I’d call it a medium warm rose.

Shade Comparisons

Finding a $7 lipstick that’s “lux” and pigmented is tough, so I thought I’d search my collection to see if any of the shades are dupes for popular MAC lipsticks. I did find a few close matches, though not for every shade.

Appy is a bit lighter than Yash, but similar in tone. Lay Over is also similar to Yash, but a bit darker with rosy tones. LA Lady is pretty close to Taupe, while Still Crazy is similar to Twig. I didn’t have a great match for Pinkies Up. It’s like a cooler, slightly lighter Verve.

Liquid Courage, the brick red, is darker than most of my reds, and I don’t have a close dupe. It’s quite special.ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review, Comparison Swatches

ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review, Comparison Swatches


In a lot of ways, these lipsticks are similar to the Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crèmes that I recently reviewed. The Lux Lipsticks are quite creamy and glide well without tugging. The color is pigmented in one swipe with a satin-matte finish.

I am finding I need to prep with lip balm before application, otherwise these are quite drying. If my lips are prepped, I really love the look of these. Like Kat’s lipsticks, there is a bit of a shaping effect that makes my lips look better.

These lipsticks are not transfer-proof, but still retain color decently through drinking. Color generally disappears while eating, especially around the middle of my lips. Not quite as “messy” as I feel Kat’s get, but those do wear longer overall.ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review

With minimal interference from eating/drinking, the Lux lipsticks last ~3-4 hours for me before the color is mostly gone in the middle of my lips. Liquid Courage is a bit deeper, so color stays present for longer (~5 hours). I’d say the Lippie Stix actually wear longer for me in many cases, but those are a little bit more drying and stiff during application.

There are some formula inconsistencies among the shades though. I’ve noticed that a weird ring forms in the center of my lips sometimes with the shade Appy. I use my finger to blend it away, but I would prefer not to be bothered to check for that, especially since I don’t think I’ve noticed that effect with other lipsticks (that aren’t liquid lipsticks). Pinkies Up is a huge disappointment for me. The color is different than described (super grey), but it also is even more dry and accentuates my lip lines.


I think ColourPop did a pretty darn good job with the Lux Lipsticks! The experience is similar to that of a higher end lipstick, which is what they were going for.

I wish the color lasted a liiiittle bit longer, but the packaging is so cute, maybe I don’t mind pulling out a shade from my purse to reapply.

Pinkies Up and Appy are not great formula-wise to me, but the other shades are very good. Liquid Courage might be my new go-to red – it’s beautiful. Lay Over and LA Lady are perfect everyday shades for me. I wish Still Crazy was a tiny bit more cool-toned, but it’s pretty too.

I think these are a great deal for $7!ColourPop Cosmetics Lux Lipsticks Review

Are you eyeing any of ColourPop’s new Lux Lipsticks? ↓

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