Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette ReviewOne of my all-time favorite lipsticks is the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk. It’s a gorgeous mauve-pink that fits in easily with most makeup looks. The lipstick is such a classic, Urban Decay created a limited edition palette inspired by the shade.

I love the idea of this – the perfect palette for the perfect lipstick. Today I’m sharing my review of the Urban Decay Backtalk Eye & Face Palette*.


What it is: A go-anywhere, do-anything eyeshadow and face palette inspired by Backtalk, Urban Decay’s bestselling, cult-favorite Vice Lipstick shade

The palette holds a collection of 8 soft, rosy shadows and 4 matching cheek products. The set-up of the palette is really interesting, not something I think I’ve seen before. The shadows and cheek shades are on separate sides, divided by a dual-sided, removable mirror. In theory, this is cool; however, in practice, it’s a bit hard to handle. With the mirror in place, the palette needs to lay flat for use, which takes up a large surface area. Taking the mirror out allows for a bend, but the palette will not close properly without the mirror.

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Review

Shades + Swatches


3 Sheets









Cheap Shot

Double Take

Low Key

Party Foul

This palette swatched very easily for me – it was not necessary to do multiple passes to build up color.

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Review, Swatches
Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Swatches (Eyes) L-R: 3 Sheets, Bare, Curve, Backtalk, Shade, Attitude, WTF, 180
Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Review, Swatches
Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Swatches (Cheeks) L-R: Cheap Shot, Double Take, Low Key, Party Foul

Formula + Thoughts

I read a few reviews on Sephora and was surprised to see a lot of complaints about the pigmentation. Texture-wise, I think a few of the shades are a tad dry (3 Sheets and Bare), but I have had no issues with how they show up on my lids, except 2 shades. I do take a few of those reviews with a grain of salt. I’ve spotted many where the user says that they tried the tester at Sephora, and nothing showed up. First of all, that’s not a review; that’s barely a first impression. Second, and more importantly, it’s hard to gauge the true attributes of a shadow in a tester that many others have touched. The oil from fingers creates a barrier over the shadow, or a “hard pan.” Also, thinking about the oil from others’ fingers: gross.

Quite contrary to a lot of the reviews, I am actually really happy using this palette, besides the 2 shades that are kind of meh to me. Overall, I think the quality is similar to other products from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Review

The color scheme is spot-on to create a handful of monochromatic, rosy looks. I personally could do without the shade Bare; it is on the sheer side and doesn’t add any power to the lineup. 3 Sheets is fairly sheer as well, but it is still useful for me to put down first for aid in blending.

All of the other shades are wonderful. The eyeshadow Backtalk is my favorite – it shows up well, but is also a buildable and blendable matte. It is a perfect complement to the lipstick, without being too matchy-matchy.

On the cheek side, I am really enjoying the shade selection and quality as well. They are smooth with a good amount of pigmentation to make them easily built-up or subtle. These powders pick up on my brushes with limited kick-up. No complaints.

I often pair Double Take as a blush with Party Foul as my highlight. Alternatively, I’ll use Cheap Shot alone because it carries its own luminosity. I thought Low Key would be too dark on me as a highlighter, but it is quite pretty.

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette Review

Worth it?

I have to honestly think about whether I would really spend $46 on this palette had it not been gifted.

The answer is no. While I really enjoy this palette and love the looks I get from it, I think the price tag is a bit steep. The monochromatic shade selection is gorgeous, but that does reduce the number of looks that can be achieved. Also, while the packaging is certainly unique, it’s not exactly user-friendly. I’d be okay spending up to about $35 myself for this palette.

Urban Decay limited edition palettes end up going on sale eventually, so if you’re really enjoying the color selection, I’d recommend waiting just a bit for the price to drop.

Are you eyeing the Urban Decay Backtalk palette? ↓